About Our Company

More than six million people a year visit the state of Hawaii.

photo of kanoe and john on locationThe single most identifiable representative of the 50th State is the Hula Dancer. The Hawaiian art of Hula evokes the romance and nostalgia of a Pacific Island lifestyle of days gone by. Visitors and residents seek to recapture this romantic feeling through watching and learning about Hula.

We feel that it is important to preserve the romance of these songs and dances, the music of the Hapa-haole era. There exists over a hundred years worth of graceful romantic Hula which has the accompaniment of beautiful Hawaiian Hapa-Haole Music.

These are the songs that the world identifies with Hawaii.

The world is full of fans of Hawaiian music and Hula. These fans of Hula want to be able to enjoy this beautiful and graceful art even when they are not in Hawaii.

Our business, Tropical Baby Productions L.L.C., was born out of our desire to provide these many fans with quality video presentations of the beautiful art of Hula.

Tropical Baby Productions L.L.C. is a Hawaii based Limited Liability Corporation established in 2002 by its two members Kanoelehua Miller (the Hula Dancer) and John C. Miller (the Director) for the purpose of designing, developing and creating DVD video presentations of the Hula.

tropical baby productions logoOur goal is to produce high quality DVD video presentations of the Hula as performed by one of Hawaii’s best-known Hula dancers, former Miss Hawaii, Kanoe Miller. We capture that element of beauty and enchantment, which Kanoe exudes when she dances. We plan to combine these dances with the best musical renditions of the old Hawaiian songs and to arrange these songs in collections that are theme related.

Romantic Waikiki Hula is our first release.