About the DVD

photo of Kanoe Miller in ti leaf skirtKanoe Miller, a former Miss Hawaii, captures the “Magic “ that happens when you combine the Romance of the Hula with the Charm of the Old Hapa-Haole Melodies. She dances ten of her favorite Hulas, each filmed in a different exotic location and accompanied by an enchanting narration. Along the way, Kanoe shares some of the simple pleasures in her day-to-day life: walking her dogs, smelling the flowers, making a “Ti” leaf skirt in her backyard.

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This film immerses you in the essence of Hawaii and gives you a greater appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. If you live in Hawaii, this movie will make you swell with pride; if you don’t, it will make you want to move here. It is the perfect way to share that Island feeling.

photo of Hiram Olsen trioThe Music is provided by the Hiram Olsen Trio, Hiram “Jiggs” Olsen on Guitar, Dennis “Bla” Keohokalole on Bass, and Casey Olsen on Steel Guitar, with Gary Aiko performing a guest vocal on “Sweet Leilani.”

HULAS that are performed on the DVD
* Waikiki
* Kaimana Hila
* Blue Lei
* Soft Green Seas
* Lovely Hula Hands
* Keep Your Eyes on the Hands
* Sweet Leilani
* Hawaiian Vamp
* Love Song of Kalua
* I’ll Remember You

Special Features
Feature Commentary by Kanoe Miller
There is a second audio track that allows you to listen to a commentary by Kanoe Miller during each dance: about the costume, the lei, the location, and the feeling of the song.

The DVD menu provides a selection for “Dances Only” which will allow you to play the DVD as continuous entertainment for a party.

Also the DVD menu provides a selection for playing any single dance over and over for those who would like to “follow along and learn.”

There are also Feature Interviews with:
* The Musicians: Hiram Olsen, Casey Olsen, Dennis Keohokalole
* Professional Lei-maker: Amelia Bailey
* Composer R. Alex Anderson’s children: Bob, Pam, and Leith Anderson
* Composer Andy Cummings wife: Kalu
* Composer Harry Owens’ son: Tim
* Showman extrordinaire Milton ‘Tuni’ I